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Πέμπτη, 17 Δεκεμβρίου 2009

Duty Call 001

Case 1: You wake up in the morning. Exactly at the right time to get up. You get up, get dressed, everything around you is in its right place.. You wash your face, have a nice breakfast, drive your car, get to work on time and finally press the on/off button to turn on your pc.. Then something starts to go bad.. it won't turn on! You see some weird writing on your monitor that doesn't make any sense.. it's all chinese (or greek if you like) to you! You hit the monitor's side, you shout at it, but it just doesn't seem to care.. Finally you decide to do the same and call a technician to fix it..;

Case 2: You sleep in your bed, having slept late last night cause after a night out, you decided to complete that code for your latest C++ project.. then time passed so fast that you almost saw the sunrise before you fell asleep.. Everything is really quiet in your messy room.. (or should I say messy world). Then you realise that there is this phone ringing like crazy! Now where exactly is it? Whoever it is, he just won't give up, cause it's the third time he's calling.. after hitting your right leg on the bed's edge and your head on the CDs shelf next to the door you find it, right under your keyboard.. It's a call coming straight from your boss.. "-Hurry up you useless loser!!! Emergency at office 314! Go nooooow!" (*HANG UP*). What a bad way to get up.. you think.. You get dressed with the first clothes your eye catches (same clothes you were wearing the last 4 days..). After a long fight with your memory to remember where exactly you left your keys. You put your snickers on and rush to the car only to find out that you get stuck in the huge traffic jam.. Your boss calls you 3 more times before you finally make it to that "office 314" to check what the problem was... And guess what.. The first thing that your eye catches after the black screen is that the floppy drive's button is pulled out... A floppy disk is in it...;

Now which one describes you better?

It's like saying..
There are 10 different types of people in the world..
Those who understand the binary system and those who do not..

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