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Forum Signatures.. some define us.. others make us laugh.

Have you ever noticed those few words people add to their forum signatures? Sometimes they tell us about stuff they like, dislike, love, hate plus something that defines them. But there is also this trend, that some users like to add jokes or funny notes to their signatures, so that everyone else in the forum, who gets to read them is driven to "ROFL"..

Today's subject is not about every type of joke but the ones that a computer maniac would enjoy more.. Remember, this blog is mainly dedicated to techies like me.. So here, I've made a collection of nice signatures that would mostly attract that kind of people.. They mainly come from OCN. (Overclock.net) Normal people might not understand much of the sense of humor in them, but anyway.. I hope that if I don't make you laugh.. at least I'll make you smile..

Here they are...:

1. Originally Posted by dalteezyView Post

I am new to overclock.net. I am from States United and I can has info on computers

Originally Posted by xplodeeView Post
i know copy-paste , tooth paste..
now whts this thermal paste ?

3. Originally Posted by SpookedJunglist
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Turns out naming the Servers after transformers has caused Starscream to fight with Megatron over who is the best server.

4. Originally Posted by EMP7Y
View Post
Your brother is quite obviously a new type of computer virus... but it also affects hardware

5. Originally Posted by Newbie2009View Post
I did not read the article & I have an urge to write something stupid, but looks like I have been beaten to it by a lot of other people.

6. Originally Posted by F1ForFrags
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Companies don't understand that you can screw the console market all you want, but when you screw with the PC Gamers, we just crack it.

7. Originally Posted by Technodanvan
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The amount of stupid in this thread is astonishing.

8. Originally Posted by kledster
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great job man. and i thought you were black

9. Originally Posted by TheArchfiend
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I punished my gay Mac by making it download straight porn for an entire year non-stop.

10. Originally Posted by Richard Chan
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MACs using Bootcamp to use PC software is like a white guy trying act black.

11. Originally Posted by Maris
i use 1280x1024 (19') full hd philips monitor which is perfect for gaming

12. Originally Posted by AfrodisiacView Post
You are such a hypocrite it's not even funny.

13. Originally Posted by CryWin
Using a quad core octocore with Linux is like putting a V8 on a tricycle

14. Originally Posted by PirView Post
Don't you have an AMD pen lying around somewhere? They write a bit slower but at least they always do.

15. Originally Posted by HephasteusView Post
CPU's used to have to do more work, they were fighting off wolves with flyswatters, today they are swatting at flys with bazookas.

16. Originally Posted by nathrisView Post
OSX User: Oh look funny dog pictures, I'm going to download them!
"Funny Dog Pictures requires that you type your password"
OSX User:
Hurr Durr, OK!

Originally Posted by Djghost454View Post
Titanic ring any bells? Say something will never happen and BAM!

18. Originally Posted by SupacaseyView Post
Holy crap I'm still shaking... I was benching my 280's... And my PSU just started to... BLOW THE $%#@ UP. It was like firecrackers in my freaking case! Smoke started spewing out of the back!

19. Originally Posted by sotoriousView Post
I would love to have a 980x but i have my limits. I almost fainted when i bought the 5970

20. Originally Posted by k4m1k4z3View Post
LOL, evolution proves nothing. It is a theory that has been denied by its author, and it is slowly being proved wrong.

21. Originally Posted by xeekiView Post
Aaaw, Sweden, we used to be vikings, now we're pirates. Aargh! 

22. Originally Posted by sharpshoooter82View Post
can be a cpu bottle meck

23. Originally Posted by aSl33pR0View Post
I'm no expert and having not read any of the posts above this, In my opinion, I believe there is something wrong with your rig.

Yours, aSl33pR0

Originally Posted by Matthew_RoczView Post
Sorry if the Pix are LQ, Took with my Cell Phone, Cam recently fell into Niagara Falls

25. LMAO meaning :
Originally Posted by Tainok
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Come on now, seriously? Every time you type that, DOES YOUR ASS LITERALLY FALL OFF?

I didn't think so.

Originally Posted by Chunky_Chimp
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Yes it does. I just put it back on, though, but only so I can laugh it off again. I have to keep it taped on to do the #2, though.

25. Originally Posted by liberalelephant
Prisoner A: "What did you do to get in here?"

jshay: "I tried to sell a CPU on craigslist and this noob called me a scammer, so I made a thread on OCN and they traced his IP address, then someone murdered him"

Prisoner A: "Bend over"

26. Originally Posted by T3h_Ch33z_MunchaView Post

yo dawg i herd u leik patching so i put a patch in your patch so you can patch while you patch.

27. Originally Posted by MrDeodorantView Post

Yeah, that'll win hearts and minds. Nothing says "Yay democracy" like having your neighbourhood torched.

28. Originally Posted by d3v0View Post
It's galaxy, he has a better shot getting an RMA from Jesus himself haha

29. Originally Posted by michaeljr1186View Post
my dad bought an emachine and i got pissed off.

30. Originally Posted by Shane1244View Post
Maybe I can come over to your house and we can play some SuperPi? Then later on we can set up a LAN and play 3D Mark Vantage?

31. Android Ninja on CPU Heat Sinks:
"i was using an old AMD cooler and I held in on there with twist ties that you find on like loaves of bread"

32. Originally Posted by holtzmanView Post
Computer viruses are like herpes. You never think in a million years you'd get one... Till you do.

Originally Posted by Firestorm252View Post
so is "Chair-man of the Boards" an OCN achievement yet?

34. Originally Posted by frienView Post
That's all very well, but how does it [GTX 470] perform in windows 95?

35. Originally Posted by CloroxView Post
about babies: can you overclock babies 0.o??????? I'd totally overclock my baby, then try to voltmod it or something.

36. Originally Posted by MarinView Post
I stared at him, not breaking eye contact, and silently let him know that if he waited around any longer he would soon be telling his friends that he lost his virginity to a display keyboard.

37. Originally Posted by Klue22
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nobody actually cares about my vantage score, just my gf.

38. Originally Posted by pauldovi
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"The Way it............. BSOD

Originally Posted by loksterView Post
little tiny people where to go FtW1!!

150$ to order little tiny people to go around destroy/defend other tiny people or buildings that blow up and stuff, a good story of course to sweeten the deal, maybe a little multiplayer to player with other tiny people, and of course bonus little people content 

id tap that.

40. Originally Posted by funky882
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i can still turn the computer on, it just catches on fire when i do...

41. Originally Posted by Eska
all i see is a stupid chip that i dont have

42. Originally Posted by AlexTheBlue
Ah, I see you're running the new Trollware 49.3, how's that working out for you?

43. Originally Posted by GallienView Post


44. Originally Posted by SkylitView Post

ATI grows each one of their GPU's till their ripe enough to produce amazing graphics.

Nvidia fired too many people and they can't keep up with the crops this year. 

45. Originally Posted by Miki, re Boxxy
She's totally adorable, who could not like her? I know, I know, some find her annoying.
But, I think they are just boring so their opinions don't count.

46. Originally Posted by Krunk_Kracker
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...I ended up handing out infractions like I was dealing cards in Texas Hold 'em.

47. Originally Posted by FuNkDrSpOtView Post
The only time I'd ever pay $150 for a game is if it was HL3 and it came with a crowbar and a license to kill.

48. Originally Posted by Inuyasha1771
I hate it when they are like " LET'S WATCH A MOVIE >=3" and you're like "No, it's 6 PM, I just got off work, I need to overclock." and they can't relate.
Give me a girl who overclocks, and I'll give you a miracle.

49. Originally Posted by dracotonisamondView Post
the day will soon come that my computer will get me food WHILE it plays crysis.

50. Originally Posted by Rayzer76View Post
I drove 65 miles yesterday for that 920 from micro center. It was my first time there. My jaw dropped and i didn't want to leave. I wish we brought lunch, i could have sat there and just inspected every case and mobo they had.

This is where i want to go to die.....

51. Originally Posted by Ecchi-BANZAII!!!
Do YOU want realism? stab yourself in the leg, then jump off a seven story building and use the knife on the person below and scream HEAD SHOT! without breaking a sweat

52. Originally Posted by SZayatView Post
QTF, I'm facing some painful bottlenecks with solitaire. & BTW Minesweeper is unplayable.

53. Originally Posted by KtuluView Post
I can't tell if I am smelling a bad overclock or grandpa...

54. Originally Posted by _02View Post
Well it's just the principle that if there is infinity of space, there is inherently an infinity of possibilities for planets and life.
Given infinity, this also means that there is a planet somewhere with plants that look EXACTLY like Core i7 systems in HAF cases, but they all give off coca-cola flavored gasses and sing american show tunes

55. Originally Posted by llama16View Post
wow?! I sigged myself.

56. Originally Posted by Steve Wozniak:
Never trust a computer you can’t throw out a window.

57. Originally Posted by T3h_Ch33z_Muncha
View Post
there's just bugs in their patch so they need to patch their patch before they release the patch

58. Originally Posted by cl04k3dView Post
Someone please explain to me why I am up at 5am on overclock.net!
Originally Posted by CrazyHeaven

How about you explain to me why I'm up at 5am reading your up at 5am post?

59. Originally Posted by jshayView Post
Well since you jammed it in 1 way and bent it whichever way. Can you stick it in and jam it back the other way?

60. Originally Posted by Zawarudo
"Pro gamers are 60 year old fighter pilots"

That's all folks!
I know they are not all funny.. but some really are..

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