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Τετάρτη, 25 Απριλίου 2012

Snaked Net Check - Get rid of disconnection problems in Windows 7

Snaked Net Check is a useful application we have created in order to avoid disconnection problems in Windows 7. Windows 7 network connection manager suffers from some important issues. While it will most likely attempt to reconnect in case you lose the connection to your internet router, it would not repair the connection in case it enters limited access mode. This can be very frustrating when you need the computer to stay online and work unattended.  So, Snaked Net Check will be very useful to you in case you are trapped in the following scenario:

1. Your Windows 7 computer connects to the internet through a router using an ethernet or wifi network adapter.

2. Immediately or after some time the connection fails or enters limited access mode for no valid reason.

3. The internet connectivity is lost but Windows does not automatically repair the connection.

4. You need to manually run the Windows Network Diagnostics every time the connection fails in order to repair it.

To tell you the truth I was facing the same problems until I'd had enough.. because I used to leave the computer unattended in order to download some large files or torrents and the connection was failing all the time leaving the computer offline and the files corrupted. The worst thing about it is that Windows 7 does not repair the connection automatically. It requires the user's attention.. so the computer can not stay securely online unattended.

So I decided to create an application that actually does that for me and repairs the internet connectivity in case it's lost for some specified time. The application was developed in Visual C# 2008 Express Edition and is called "Snaked Net Check". It is currently in beta stage because there still are some bugs coming up although it does the job pretty well. I will improve it and resolve any issues that appear during this testing. Latest version is Stable 1.1 and it's tested enough to work fine. It is licensed under GNU Lesser Licence as Freeware and you can download it through here:

Snaked Net Check - Internet Connectivity Testing, Monitoring and Reparing

Download the latest version and unzip all files included in a folder. All 3 files are required to be in the same folder in order for the application to work properly :

1. SnakedNetCheck.exe
2. Licence.txt
3. ReadMe.txt

Operation Systems Supported :
Microsoft Windows 7 (Tested)
Microsoft Windows 8 (Tested)
Windows Server 2008 (Not tested)

System Requirements :
Microsoft Windows .Net Framework 4

No installation needed:
Run the application by double clicking SnakedNetCheck.exe.

User Manual:
Click the "Information" button to read instructions on how to use it within the application or open the "ReadMe.txt" file in any document viewer.

The "Snaked Net Check" main window : 

You can specify a primary action that will be executed firstly in order to repair the connection. Also you can specify a secondary action that will be executed in case the first one fails to repair the connection. You can click on "Silent State" and the application will minimize to tray and run at the current settings. Click on "Change Settings" to adjust the application.

The "Settings" window:

Specify the settings that fit your needs and then return to the main application window. The "Application Settings" include three checks that are automatically saved at the time you select them while the "Server Settings" require that you click on "Save Changes" in order for them to be saved. "Restore" button loads your latest saved "Server Settings" canceling any changes you've made and "Defaults" button sets the server to "", primary action to 20 retries and secondary action to 6 retries.

The "Log" window : 

You can view any logged failed attempts to connect to the specified server in this window. You can clear the logged data if you desire by clicking the "Clear" button.

The "Feedback" window : 

You can use this window to leave feedback about the application. Enter your text in the box, then (Optionally) enter your email in case you'd like to receive a reply from us and press the "Send" button to send your feedback. Also, you can use the "Visit Our Website" link to load the "Snaked Bytes" Homepage.

We hope that you will be very satisfied by using "Snaked Net Check" and this is why we created it to be freeware for personal use. However if you'd like to support further development of the application you are free to donate using the donate button. It will lead you to where you will be asked to set the amount that you'd like to donate. We kindly appreciate your donations and honestly thank you for your support!

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